How Does SUNRx Help Pharmacies.

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340B Program Administration.

SUNRx administers the 340B program for the Covered Entity to enable pharmacies to participate in the 340B program and serve 340B customers efficiently.

Use Your Own Inventory.

Pharmacies can dispense medications from their regular stock; no separate inventory is required.

Lowest Cost at Point of Sale.

Claims for uninsured patients paying cash patients are adjudicated in real-time, always using “lowest cost” calculations that are performed at the point of sale.

No Middle Man.

340B patients are handled by the pharmacy just like customers with third-party coverage.

The SUNRx 340B Pharmacy Academy.

We offer monthly webinars to answer your questions and provide information on cash flow, regulatory compliance, inventory management, accounting and financial reporting for 340B programs. The Academy helps pharmacies achieve a hassle-free and profitable 340B experience.

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