SUNRx’s 340B Prescription Discount Card Program.

SUNRx’s 340B prescription discount card program is an important component of the 340B program, making medications more affordable for the uninsured and low income patients.

Extend the Benefit of the 340B Program to Uninsured Patients.

Covered Entities can extend the benefit of the 340B program to their uninsured patients which may increase their ability to afford their prescriptions, positively impact clinical outcomes, and potentially helping to decrease hospital readmissions that can result when patients don’t fill their prescriptions.

A 340B Prescription Discount Program that is Unique in the Market.

Because SUNRx is a wholly owned subsidiary of a pharmacy benefit manager (PBM), MedImpact Healthcare Systems, this 340B prescription discount card program is unique in the market.

340B Patient Eligibility Confirmation in Real Time.

SUNRx confirms 340B patient eligibility in real time, at the point of sale at the contract pharmacy, and applies its “lower-of” cost calculation to find the lowest price (including the 340B price) available for the patient.

Lowest Price Without the Wait.

The patient gets the lowest price without waiting extra time when filling their prescription. SUNRx also can work with each covered entity to develop and manage copay tiers and formularies for patients.


SUNRx’s expertise, technology, pharmacy network and 340B prescription discount card program enable entities to take full advantage of the 340B opportunity.

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