Positive Impact of the 340B Program.

The 340B program can have a significantly positive impact on hospitals, their patients and their communities — when hospitals administer and manage the program effectively. By utilizing SUNRx as their 340B Administrator, safety net hospitals have the ability to tap into the benefits of the 340B program:

Expand Access.

We help community health centers provide convenient access for their patients to affordable medications through efficient and effective discount drug programs. Patients can gain access to a network of contract pharmacies, including retail, specialty and mail-order pharmacies, to fill their prescriptions and save money.

Maximize Savings.

When a patient visits a 340B contracted pharmacy, SUNRx scans the available prescription pricing — including 340B, network, and the usual and customary retail price — and processes the prescription using the least expensive approach for the patient. This breakthrough and market leading technology from SUNRx, and helps health centers and their low-income patients pay the lowest price for medications.

Generate Resources to Serve the Uninsured.

We help health centers maximize 340B purchasing to generate resources necessary to better serve the needs of their uninsured and underinsured patients. SUNRx recognizes this is an important part of meeting your 330 grant requirements and furthering the mission of the health center.

Promote 340B Compliance.

Our automated system when client take advantage of its features, help to mitigate the risks — associated with 340B regulatory compliance and can help health centers safeguard against drug diversion and Medicaid duplicate discounts.

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